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    The slightly clarified answer to whether I take commissions is, "Yes, but with severe restrictions."
    I am at a point in my life where my time is more valuable because I have less energy with which to do anything. I keep active at my day job, and I often spend days off doing magazine layouts or working on various projects for myself. I'm getting faster with layouts--unfortunately I'm getting slower at everything else. There are many days where I feel like doing nothing at all, because I spend most of my time off working, which defeats the point of time off.
    That said, I am not interested in "Will you draw in my sketchbook?" or "Can you design a character for my website?" requests, except maybe in person when I'm not already doing something and I find the idea intriguing. I am interested in "I wrote a children's book that I'm getting published to appear in every major bookstore. Can you illustrate it for me?" Call it an early mid-life crisis if you like, but I'd prefer spending my time rounding out my resumé over doodling something half-heartedly.
    That said, even if you have the most amazing project I couldn't possibly pass up, I still do not have a lot of time at my disposal because I've already committed myself to things that, had I energy to work nonstop, will keep me busy for a couple of years coming. Unfortunately, the guilt of backing out of these other projects trumps almost everything new that should come along. [You'd feel the same way if I was working on your project, right?]
    Feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have, though keep in mind I may be busy depending on how badly work is treating me. Also--and I hate to sound mean about it, but it might save you some time from the outset--keep in mind that I'm generally hard to interest in terms of projects that sound dull and/or will require more of an investment than a couple of hours or so, especially as I already have a queue of projects for others to deal with before even considering taking on anything else. Sorry, my muse is fickle that way.