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    First off, let me apologise at once for the extensive delay in updating. Indeed, I recognize that creating a comic--particularly a web comic--generates a demand for regular updates... something I have been regularly unable to do at each attempt.
    Actually, this is exactly the problem.
    I am, have been, and possibly always will be first a writer and second a hobbyist illustrator. [This is ignoring actual profession, mind you.] That I've constantly attempted to combine the two in an effort to kill two birds with one stone has failed so predictably so often is simply a testament to how far apart I should actually keep my art and writing. It's not that I don't enjoy the comic/"graphic novel" format. I simply can't keep it up, and in the meantime it doesn't do the work justice to slave on it day after day, only to lose interest because I'm forced to create it in a specific sequence and pace instead of as my muse hits me... and, if you ask me, my muse is a right bastard.
    Writing is simple. I have countless stories in my head that I may never finish telling, even if I devoted the rest of my life to nothing but writing. Art is a little harder. If I was rich enough to hire a personal assistant or three to draw backgrounds and other less interesting things for me to fill out my artwork, I still wouldn't be satisfied with the final product because I didn't do it all myself. Yet doing it all myself is what's taking so long.
    Further influencing my inactivity is the "Art Book" phenomenon: a collection of an artist's illustrations suitable for gracing one's coffee table. I have in my possession no fewer than four such books from my favourite artists, and it makes me envious that they have produced even one book of such high quality. In fact, I always leave one sitting out to remind myself of my goals and to motivate myself to compile one of the same--sometimes this works, but it depends on how exhausted I am after my [overnight] day job.
    When I think about making my art book(s), it only depresses me that it's the last item in the queue as far as my ongoing projects go. My comics are in progress but in stasis. My books are mostly complete but awaiting fine tuning and illustration, if only for just the cover/dust jacket. Not the least by far, I have been approached for [EXTREMELY part-time] commission work for a magazine, which highly interests me as being good resumé material.
    *I've avoided mentioning this until my work actually sees publication, mostly out of superstitious paranoia than anything else. Trust me I will say something once it's out, though it's not much just yet.
    Plus, any time I pick up a pencil these days, it's with a pin-up image in mind much more so than the next sequential comic. It frustrates me to think I 'have' to draw something when I feel like drawing something else entirely. Comics would be much more interesting if I could draw them out of order, but this isn't possible with the way mine are set up. There is a rigid storyline to which it must adhere, and if I skip something and go back later, I might inadvertently draw myself into a corner, as it were. Order is important with a narrative, and I'm not as interested in doing one-shot joke comics.
    Or, the one-shot joke comics are what I would rather do.
    In any event, I may still pick at the comics down the road as one of the too-many projects on my plate. The point of this blather is that I want to return to my roots--the next thing you might see from me on this site is a book [I hope], then maybe some more doodles here and there.
    I haven't forgotten the comics. I've just been hearing a higher calling since then.