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    I'm still not really sure what's supposed to go into these introduction things. Every time I write one, it sounds... artificial when I read it again later. Do I explain what I've written about? That seems to destroy some of the mystique of discovery. Do I post a long list of acknowledgements? It alternately seems appreciative and droning.
    Well, certainly I should explain that this is the first story I've ever written, starting circa 1991. It did a lot in its incubation, especially when I picked it up again for the 2005 NaNoWriMo. What it didn't do was perhaps the most important: Get finished.
    The problem I've struggled with in all of this time [approx. 18 years now just for one story!] is I have so many ideas that any individual task has to fight for my attention, of which I don't have in great supply. Even being my first story--or, my first original story, at least--didn't give it much hold over me, and my favouritism drifted as my Muse saw fit.
    But that's a long time to have nothing to show for myself--I mean, okay, I wrote a book, but if it's just going to collect dust out of the public eye, that doesn't really mean much. So I have to make myself finish what I've started. On that note, the version posted here is my original script from 2005. If you would like to check my progress on the [hopefully final] rewrite, it is available here. Updates as I can manage.
    If you have any comments or questions regarding the book, feel free to contact me at if you may have heard me mention some other project of mine somewhere that interests you more, because it may help motivate me if someone other than just me is interested.
    Thank you for reading. Share and enjoy,
    Last update: 15:35, 16 August 2009

    Incidentally, if you were curious:
    Heptadecimal time conversion
    Terra Firma	 Earth
    1 bit		12.4567 seconds
    1 min		 3.5294 minutes
    1 hour		 1.0000 hour
    1 day		 1.4167 days
    1 week		 0.8095 weeks (5.6667 days)
    1 month		~0.8028 months (30-day month) (24.0833 days)
    1 year		 1.1209 years
    1 heptadecade	 1.9056 decades (19.0561 years)
    1 aeon		 3.2395 centuries (323.9530 years)
    1 tack		   0.8824 pounds (0.4002 kilograms)
    1 stone		  15.0000 pounds (6.8039 kilograms)
    1 heptadestone	 255.0000 pounds (115.6661 kilograms)
    1 tonne		4335.0000 pounds (1.9663 metric tons)
    1 pence		$ 0.05 USD
    1 rio		$ 0.85 USD
    1 heptaderio	$14.45 USD
    [Note: the above monetary values have been corrected for the re-write]

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